Pittsboro, NC

Hondo Creek Recording was designed from the ground up as a purposebuilt recording studio. Set in a beautiful rural location, the studio provides views of the surrounding landscape from the control room, tracking room, and iso-booths.

The main control room monitors are ATC SCM150's wall-mounted in an RFZ configuration, active 3-way, with ATC crossovers and power amps. Focal nearfields are on motorized stands to allow for both the main and the nearfield monitors to be in the acoustically correct locations with respect to the engineer's position. The control room rear wall is treated with custom slat-type number theory diffusors, based on a much higher prime number than mass-market diffusors, providing more even sound scattering and better bass-trapping.

The Avid S3 digital mixer is supplemented by a 32 channel Speck Via Fader + Mix analog summing system, all housed within a Brett Acoustics custom console desk. There's a variety of analog outboard equipment, including pieces by Earthworks, Hardy, Great River, AEA, API, A Designs, Crane Song, and Helix.

The tracking room ceiling features built-in bass-trapping with a custom diffusive surface. Wall treatments are the fully adjustable type, with an absorptive side and a diffusive side, so that the room's decay time can be easily changed. Acoustical build-out by Brett Acoustics; A/V wiring by Canova Audio.