Annandale, VA

Innovation Station Music is located in Annandale, VA, and is owned by producer-engineer Dave Mallen. This residential-based studio complex includes a main studio A as well as a smaller B suite for composing and editing.

Control Room A is built around a custom Brett Acoustics console desk housing an Avid S3 control surface and an integrated video monitor, as well as various other equipment. Outboard gear includes API, Tube-Tech, BAE, and Empirical Labs. The 2-bus mixer is by Burl, and monitor controller is by Dangerous Audio. This control room features invisible diffsorbtive wall treatments on the side walls and RPG diffusors in the rear of the room. Main in-wall monitors are ATC SCM150’s, tri-amplified with remote ATC power amps and crossovers. Tracking Room A features diffsorptive wall treatments and bass trapping, and a vintage Baldwin grand piano.

Control Room B is centered around a Mackie Control Pro work surface and Event monitors. This room also utilizes RPG diffusors and diffsorptive wall treatments. The B suite includes a medium sized vocal booth.

Acoustical treatments were built and installed by Brett Acoustics, and technical wiring services were performed by Canova Audio.